Alexa Chung avoids pageant look

Alexa Chung doesn't want to look like a "beauty pageant child" so chooses to either highlight her eyes or lips with make-up.

Alexa Chung never wears heavy eye and lip make-up at the same time for fear of looking like a drag queen.

The British fashionista has become synonymous with laidback, effortless style and is often spotted on the front row at Fashion Week shows.

As well as being known for her chic fashion choices, Alexa's barely-there make-up is one of the former model's traits, and she reveals it's always been a conscious decision to only ever highlight one facial feature at a time.

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"When I'm wearing make-up, I choose between doing my eyes or mouth because I don't want to look like a beauty pageant child. I've got quite a strong face - if it's got too much on, I just look like a man in drag," she laughed.

Alexa has her own range with cosmetics brand Eyeko and has recently been announced as a collaborator with Nails Inc..

Despite her beauty credentials the 30-year-old star admits she doesn't own much make-up, but always has black eyeliner to hand to make sure her signature cat flick can be achieved.

"Because I have the luxury of having my make-up done frequently, I don't have a huge collection of products. But I am an avid wearer of eyeliner - I would say I'm wearing it 90 per cent of the time.

"Someone at a dinner recently asked me if it was tattooed on because they've never seen me without it, which I actually think would be wonderful... though I've gotten really good at doing it. I've done mine for so many years that I can just draw it on really quickly," she divulged.

She also confesses that her attitude to beauty has been shaped by her British upbringing, where Alexa claims people don't think it's "cool" to look like you've tried too hard.

"It's just not about being 'done.' We're into being clean, just not looking like you've made too much of an effort," she said.

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Female scooterists prefer fashion over safety

Fashion seems to have priority over safety for the new-age girls riding two-wheelers in Kashmir Valley.

Most of the young girls riding two-wheelers can be seen violating the most important traffic rule by not wearing crash helmets. A few riders told Kashmir Reader that helmet does not appear fashionable to them.

“The helmets that are available in markets for girls look so boring and dull. I have one, but I rarely use that. So, I prefer wearing my oversized glares in order to save myself from sun,” said Humaira (second name withheld).

Another teenage Scooty rider, Bushra says that helmet spoils her ‘neatly-kept’ hairdo. “My hair gets sweaty and it spoils my hairstyle. In addition, wearing a helmet looks so traditional. I prefer wearing a stole or a scarf to protect my hair from pollution,” said Bushra, a college student.

“I always carry a helmet with me just in case the traffic cops ask for. But I never wear it. I look weird in it,” said another college student Fatima.

What encourages these young violators is the ‘leniency’ shown towards them by the traffic police. As per Traffic Rules and regulations of Jammu and Kashmir, driving without a crash helmet is a punishable offence under Sections 129/177. However, the rules remain confined to the books.

While people outside the state are fined as high as Rs 3000 for not wearing a helmet, most of the women scooterists in the Valley are seen zooming past traffic cops.

However, Superintendent Police (Traffic) Srinagar, Haseeb-ur-Rehman said they are in the process of dealing with the violators. “We are taking suitable measures to overcome the problem. Last week we sent letters to some girls’ higher secondary schools. It was requested that a data be maintained about the number of girl students who use Scooty as a mode of transportation along with their parentage and address details.”

“In the second step, we will launch an awareness campaigns in these selected schools about the traffic rules and regulations. The third would be action based. If we still find girls violating the norms, they would be challaned,” Rehman told Kashmir Reader.

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Dress Like Lea Michele For A Flawless Outfit Tomorrow

Need a little outfit inspo for Friday? Lea Michele’s got you covered. While many of the designer wares that grace the red carpet are inspiring, the occasional ensemble truly stands out due to its creativity and sophistication. Lea Michele has a proven flair for fashion, and for those moments when a regular tee and jeans combination just doesn’t cut it, her mix-and-match outfit has just enough insouciance for date night or drinks with the girls.

Recently, the Glee star paired a lipstick-red leather motorcycle jacket, a lace-embellished white t-shirt with distressed, dark wash skinny jeans, and subtle white pumps for a fun, vibrant look — perfect for promoting her new album and autobiography. The singer accessorized with a simple gold lariat necklace and pave hoop earrings. A sleek ponytail atop her head, nude glossy lips and luminous, sheer makeup completed Lea Michele’s look.

Lea Michele’s outfit probably cost more than a month of rent in Manhattan, but there are a plethora of alternatives available that won’t break the bank. In fact, you may find that your high street leather jacket looks just as chic as a Saint Laurent, and simple white pumps rival the more alluring Louboutin’s. Read on for tips on how to adopt Lea Michele’s Friday-perfect look on a budget.

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1. Colored leather jackets are a must for spring 2014, and Lea Michele’s vivid red motorcycle version adds an extra appeal to her ensemble. Calvin Klein’s Moto Faux Leather Jacket in Zinfandel brings a pop of color to any basic outfit, and the beautiful cobalt shade of Lucky Brand’s Harper Leather Jacket is ideal for a summer getaway.

2. An embellished t-shirt is somehow sweet and insouciant at the same time, making it a perfect addition to any wardrobe. Those who love a good crop top will appreciate Torn by Ronny Kobo’s Paulette Tee, while more bohemian dressers will love Addison’s Sienna Swing Top with its paneled sides and ruffled waist.

3. Distressed jeans in a dark wash happen to be both relaxed and flattering, which seems to be a rare combination in fashion. The Ankle Skinny Jeans by 7 For All Mankind have just enough edge with their slim fit and distressed features, and AG Adriano Goldschmied’s Distressed Skinny Ankle Jeans have the perfect cropped length and deep wash for a slightly rebellious ensemble.

4. Wearing a pair of statement heels with a bright leather jacket could be a visual overload, so stick with nude, pastel, or white heels like Lea Michele’s to polish off your outfit. Try Aldo’s Ediliana Light Blue Pointed Pumps for a more refined look, or River Island’s White Pachy Barely There Heeled Sandals for a charming spin on the look.

5. Lea Michele’s clothing is a statement in itself, so a piece or two of minimalist jewelry is all you need in terms of accessories. A gold drop necklace like Melanie Auld’s Pave Lariat will add just enough subtle polish to finish off your look.

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The men whose hair we want

We've had a hair crush on actor Jared Leto ever since the promotional tour for last year's hit film Dallas Buyers Club took him to red carpets around the globe.

Rather than timidly tying his long locks into a low ponytail, Oscar-winning Leto has been unapologetic about his fabulous follicles and it's not hard to see why; his ombré hair - which fades from a rich chestnut to sun-kissed copper at the ends - is too glossy and desirable to conceal.

But there's a new contender for his beautiful beach-hair crown. Step forward Marco Perego, the Italian artist husband of actress Zoe Saldana. The newlyweds attended the Cannes Film festival in his'n'hers Saint Laurent tuxedos at the weekend, and while Saldana was obviously professionally groomed, she wasn't the mane attraction. Instead, Perego's sweeping, golden-blonde, Gisele Bündchen-esque hair caught our attention.

Celebrity hair stylist George Northwood is of the opinion that the laissez-faire attitude of these chaps is why their hair looks so enviable. "Most guys just wash and go, and let their hair dry naturally, so there's no mechanical damage to dry hair out," says Northwood, who tends to the tresses of Alexa Chung and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. "Of course, these are guys that have naturally good hair, and perhaps they have a colouring treatment once a year, but aside from that they're really low maintenance, which is key to keeping hair healthy."

Perego and Leto's born-with-it mops have prompting us to celebrate the best-tressed men currently in showbusiness. So, in no particular order, here they are:

Jared Leto, actor, 42

The look: Supermodel Erin Wasson before coming into contact with a comb

Why we're coveting it: What's to explain? Leto has mastered the dip-dyed look more nonchalantly than Jessica Alba and Drew Barrymore ever could. And the shine - look at that shininess!

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Marco Perego, artist, 34

The look: Gisele Bündchen off-duty in Los Angeles

Why we're coveting it: This is the hair we dreamed of having as a child (and erm, still do). Sadly for us, it's all Marco's

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Alexander Wang, fashion designer, 30

The look: Art student - but without the accompanying greasiness

Why we're coveting it: This is a style that will withstand the test of time; it's become Wang's signature

Daniel Tighe, model

The look: Sienna Miller with moddy, black hair

Why we're coveting it: Tighe's tresses are so versatile - sleek and poker-straight in one campaign, slightly frizzy and undone for the catwalk. We could totally work with that

Miles McMillan, model, 23

The look: New York hipster - without the skateboard

Why we're coveting it: No-one wears a side parting better than McMillan

Fashion: Trad and true

Traditional ball dresses and elegant mid-century shapes might seem twee in an age of sexed-up pop stars and the Kardashians. However, it's one worth considering for the belle of the ball who wants to look age appropriate and comfortable. While some girls look to ball night as an opportunity to dress beyond their years, it's also worth remembering that its a night to enjoy being young and free. Bright block colours provide a sense of occasion as designers highlight vivid hues in floor-skimming gowns for whatever the theme the ball committee has drummed up.

1950s tulle and chiffon dress, $550, from Daisy's Vintage Dresses. Fresh corsage (POA) from Mark Antonia. Photo / Chris Gorman

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Traditional 50s shapes still resonate today in both ready-to-wear and formal collections. One young retailer in particular is making a statement with her authentic collection of vintage prom dresses. Daisy's Vintage Dresses is a passion project for 20-year-old Daisy Heald-Stewart, whose love of vintage has grown into a carefully edited mix of one-off accessories and dresses that she sells from her Auckland showroom, including this pale pink 1950s tulle number from the United States (above). Depending on the theme of the night, it's an opportunity to embrace a polished 50s look from top to toe or even to keep hair and makeup fuss-free and teamed with discreet jewellery for a modern interpretation.

Another detail that nods to the past is the corsage. From classic debutante balls to cotillion balls, the corsage has always represented youth and beauty. This year they make a return in place of jewellery and for florist Antonia De Vere, from Mark Antonia, it's about hitting that mark between traditional and playful on the night as displayed here with her custom-made corsages. "With a corsage, a girl will be unique and special," she explains. "They may be worn on the wrist, woven into a hairstyle or attached to a handbag for an interesting alternative."

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Taylor Swift Calls Lena Dunham Her Style Icon

I need you to close your eyes and picture Taylor Swift running out for a cup of coffee. What is she wearing? A flowy floral dress that she might have stolen from the Mad Men wardrobe department? A pair of tailored (lol, taylor) black pixie pants, a vintage top with a high neckline, red lipstick? Cool. Now I need you to do the same thing with Lena Dunham. How would she dress on a trip to CVS to stock up on Advil and discounted Easter candy? I’m guessing you’re seeing some kind of romper you might’ve worn in your second grade yearbook picture, or maybe something neon and mesh that you can see her nipples through, or maybe a really hot muumuu. I think it’s safe to say that Taylor and Lena– while both talented and fun and good at pissing people off– are nothing alike in the style department. That’s why this new Taylor quote is… weird.

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience

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During an interview about her fashion sense (that she gave while promoting Keds, since she’s their spokesgirl), Swizzle had this interesting response to being asked where she gets her style inspiration:

Lena Dunham has great websites and shops at great stores. She always tells me her newest obsession, whether it’s a new website, a blog or a store. She’s really good with that stuff.

Huh. The only connection I can draw between their personal styles is that Taylor has a lot of Wildfox sweaters and Lena also loves overpriced cotton basics with weird graphics on them. And neither of them believes in rationing the sequins or glitter. And I guess they both hang out with Rachel Antonoff? Other than that, I’m at a loss.

At least this surprising quote has given me the gift of imagining TS and LD switching wardrobes for a week! Imagine Lena Dunham in a high-waisted vintage bathing suit and Taylor Swift in a pair of Hannah Horvath‘s snagged tights. Too good.

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A river view for Dior's cruise collection in New York

First came the glass condo towers, then came Whole Foods, and now here’s Christian Dior.

On Wednesday night, Dior hosted more than 900 guests at the Brooklyn Navy Yard for its 2015 cruise collection. Some came by car, and many arrived, at the house’s recommendation, by free ferries emblazoned with the Dior logo and free champagne. Stars came too, with Rihanna, Marion Cotillard and Maggie Gyllenhaal all in the front row.

“My driver came to pick me up like an hour and a half early,” said Gyllenhaal. “And then I was like, wait, it’s at the Navy Yard? We can leave in an hour.”

She was fairly certain she hadn’t been to a resort show before. “I don’t really know the ins and outs of the fashion season,” she said.

Who could blame her, because what is a fashion season anyway? A Dior show ... in Brooklyn ... in May? In the ever-widening fashion calendar, the cruise runway show has become very important to the house. And it was especially important to show in New York, with a legion of editors and buyers in town in an already supersize week that included the Costume Institute gala and the Frieze art fair.

This was Dior’s biggest resort show ever (by attendance, though the collection had a whopping 66 looks too). It has hosted previous resort shows in New York — in office buildings and at Guastavino’s restaurant — but those shows never had more than 200 attendees. Last year, Dior staged a runway resort show in Monaco (attendance: about 600).

For the biggest houses, this is becoming a trend. Louis Vuitton will host its first-ever runway cruise show next week at the Prince’s Palace of Monaco. And Chanel — a rival, which probably has something to do with Dior’s interest in these incipient spring runway extravaganzas — is showing in Dubai, UAE, next week, and has previously held resort shows in far-flung locations such as Singapore and Venice.

“Everybody is looking at the cruise collection as important as the summer collection,” Sidney Toledano, the chief executive of Dior, said in an interview from the house’s boutique on 57th Street. “Maybe even more important in terms of buying.”

Dior flew in hundreds of people, Toledano said. That included putting the designer, Raf Simons, up at the Pierre, and flying in his studio, the atelier, a visual merchandising team, international executives, buyers and merchants.

Inside the Duggal Greenhouse at the Navy Yard, the set featured an enormous mirrored wall overlooking a stage that was elevated about 16 feet to provide a view of the somewhat distant Midtown skyline.

“I like the idea of having the view of Manhattan instead of the other way around,” Simons said after the show. And the river. He really wanted the river.

“Raf likes flowers and he likes water,” Toledano said.

For Simons’ first couture show in July 2012, 1 million fresh flowers were ordered to line the walls. In the documentary Dior and I, the Vogue editor Anna Wintour tells Simons, upon entering that show: “I guess you didn’t have any budget issues.”

The same applied here. Male models dressed in Dior sailor uniforms greeted guests, armed with never-ending champagne and orange juice. Before the show, a throng of editors and clients drank and smoked outside, surrounded by a whiff of foul odour that quite possibly came from the East River. (Welcome to New York!) The ferries, which left Manhattan every 10 minutes, made for a much easier commute than the traffic-jammed headache that was the February Alexander Wang show, which was also here. Later on Wednesday night, Dior hosted a four-hour open-bar party at the Top of the Standard.

One of the reasons for the free-spending: resort sells.

“We will deliver at the end of October, you see, and we will be selling this collection up until May,” Toledano said. “It’s long. The summer collection will be presented in early October. The time is shorter.”

In other words, these clothes will be on the floors longer. And the collection was appropriately commercial, especially by Simons’ standards.

“Resort collections are obviously where you take care of the reality aspect of fashion,” Simons said. “I like to see my clothes worn.”

It will also provide fodder for a relatively fallow period for magazines.

“This is a costly endeavour,” the Marie Claire creative director Nina Garcia said at the show. “Not every designer can afford to put on a show like this, but for editors, it’s important. We have three months in November, December and January when we need to work with these resort clothes. For those three months, this is where our inspiration is going to come from.”

The customer wants it, and the giant Dior cruise show, wherever it is next year, is here to stay.

“The customer is demanding it,” Toledano said. “People want more fashion, and they want more newness.”

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SJP honoured for creative vision

Sarah Jessica Parker's CLIO Award will honour her "storied career".

Sarah Jessica Parker has expressed her "creative vision" throughout her "storied career".

The 49-year-old actress will be the first to receive a Honorary Image CLIO Award at the ceremony in New York this evening, where she will be lauded for her input to the fashion and beauty industries.

Sarah has her own fashion line under namesake label SJP and made an impact on the world with her stunning outfits as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. On top of these she has also modelled for designer names and has launched her own perfumes.

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CLIO executive vice president Nicole Purcell thinks the star is the perfect recipient for the gong.

"Sarah Jessica Parker's creative vision is expressed throughout her storied career, from her fashion brand to her iconic film and television characters to her support for the arts," she told WWD. "It's our honour to toast her achievements at this year's event."

The ceremony will take place at The Pierre hotel this evening and is set to be hosted by Andy Cohen, a close friend of Sarah's. He is also set to present her with the award. They are said to have been close for around 20 years and both posed for inaugural issue of the quarterly lifestyle magazine FourTwoNine cover.

There will be well known names in the audience too, such as actress Alysia Reiner and photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

Sarah hasn't commented on her impending award, but often speaks about her fashion influences.

"I am very taken with [Diane von Furstenberg]. The more I know the deeper part of her, the more I like her. She says crazy, wonderfully outrageous things!" she previously gushed.

"Oh, [Giles Deacon] is the sweetest! Giles' designs have such a great sense of humour and irony, but they're also beautiful and look great on a woman."

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Rockhampton hairdressers get to style at Sydney Fashion Week

IT'S Sydney Fashion Week.

And there's plenty going on, especially backstage.

Models are getting their hair and makeup done, fashion designers are frantically running around and a crowd is waiting.

Erin Zackeresen was lucky enough to be right in the middle of all the chaos.

The Rockhampton woman was a hair stylist at Sydney Fashion Week earlier this month, styling the hair of models from around the world.

Erin got the chance to work at fashion week after competing for a spot on the Redken styling team in Brisbane.

Peter Tickner and Erin Zackeresen at Studio Pedro. Photo Allan Reinikka / The Morning Bulletin

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It wasn't only Erin who had the opportunity of a lifetime, her boss, Peter Tickner of Studio Pedro, was styling the hair of models with the GHD team.

Peter even got the chance to style the hair of Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio.

The entire experience was one Erin and Peter will remember, getting the chance to mingle with hair directors from across the country.

Erin said they got to work on hair styles from blow drying to loose curls and pony tails, but getting the style right is harder than it sounds.

"It sounds like easy styles to do, but they are very particular when getting the finish look right," Erin said.

"You only really get two hours to do the hair of 30 models and they need the exact same hairstyle for the show they're in."

While Erin's experience at fashion week was unbelievable, the hairdresser said she's happy to be working in Rockhampton.

"(Fashion week) is a good opportunity too, it's good fun," Erin said.

"(But) I love working in Rockhampton at Pedro's Studio, and having the relationship with my clients."

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