This Is The Perfect Exfoliator For The Lazy Girl Who Wants Great Skin

Say hello to the low-maintenance (and cheap) exfoliator. If you can’t be bothered with buying a slightly different grainy scrub for each body part, or polishing your entire body until your skin comes off like scales, the Australian-designed Le Edge full body exfoliating tool is a one-product-fits-all exfoliating device.

Le Edge is described as a handheld ergonomic tool that removes dry layers of skin:

“The Le Edge tool has a patented ‘higher than surgical grade’ stainless steel gentle edge that removes the top layer of dead skin revealing the younger vibrant living skin beneath.”

A stainless steel edge might sound a lot scarier than using a pumice stone or loofah, but it is actually gentle enough that it can be used on your entire body, including your face.

Le Edge Face

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In addition to dry, flaky skin, Le Edge is designed to remove oil, dirt and pollutants. It removes ingrown hairs and it naturally helps to reduce the size of your pores, while restoring your skin’s texture. Sweet.

And the best part is that you don’t need to buy any special scrubs. So you can save some money, and help save the planet too. Le Edge is to be used on wet skin, ideally while you’re in the shower. You just run the device along your skin and it removes all the dry, scaly bits. Think of it like shaving, but without the need for shaving cream, and with an “edge”, as opposed to a traditional blade.

The Le Edge has many uses, but the best one would be using it before applying fake tan, for a streak-free finish. How many of us can really be bothered to thoroughly scrub every pore before we apply self tan? That would be no one. The Le Edge is also recommended for using a few days before waxing, to loosen ingrown hairs. Simiarly, it makes a good pre-shave treatment for guys.

And I did mention it was cheap. You can buy the Le Edge on Amazon for only $8.59, which is the equivalent of one foot scrub. While the Le Edge might sound like a weird beauty invention, it is the easiest and most mess-free exfoliator I have come across, and at less than $10, it may even convince the laziest of girls to exfoliate–at least once in a blue moon.

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