3 Mistakes women make when buying heels

How long have you been wearing the same shoe size? It’s been years hasn’t it? But it’s important that we realise that our feet are constantly changing due to our ‘Life in Motion’ such as, ageing, weight gain/loss, pregnancy etc.

Not all shoe shops have a shoe fitting service so here are the top 3 mistakes we see ladies making when buying that perfect pair:

Mistake Number 1 – Buying shoes that do not fit now!

Always buy shoes that fit you NOW. People constantly try on shoes (especially when the heels are in the sales), think to themselves "they feel a little tight", and then convince themselves, “Well, they’ll stretch…” 9 out of 10 times, they won’t, or at least not enough to make them really comfortable. Buy heels with a little more give, but overall, don’t buy a pair of heels with the hope that they’ll fit in the future. Also, the majority of us have one foot bigger than the other, so when buying shoes fit the shoe to your larger foot.

Don't make these mistakes when buying heels

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Mistake Number 2 – Buying Heels In The Morning.

Shop for heels towards the end of the day where possible. Our feet swell towards the end of the day and this will give you a truer fitting of the shoe by the end of the day. As well as being uncomfortable, no-one wants a foot muffin top on a sexy pair of heels.

Mistake Number 3 – Wearing Heels For Way Too Long.

Wearing heels for a prolonged amount of time is not good for your feet, neither on a short nor long term basis. But let's face it, every lady loves a good pair of heels to complete that perfect OOTD (outfit for the day). If you wear heels to work or on a night out, try to bring a comfortable pair of shoes along with you so you’re not having to wear them for a prolonged period of time. Once you've finished at work or your event is over, swap those heels for a comfy pair of shoes.

Top tips to survive a day in heels

Stretch your leg muscles

Stretching your leg muscles before and after putting heels on can lower the negative effects of wearing heels

Build up your arches

Strengthening your arches will also help prevent foot problems. Use a small rubber ball and practice picking it up with your toes to keep your foot arches strong.

Visit a podiatrist

If you have a foot problem, go and see a podiatrist as soon as possible. Don’t wait too long: many of our patients come to us too late. Waiting too long increases the risk of a condition worsening and it can develop into a serious health or mobility problem.

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