Over 85 fashion designers show at Fiji Fashion Week

More than 85 childrenswear, menswear and womenswear designers showcased their latest collections at the just held seventh edition of Fiji Fashion Week.

The catwalk event kicked off with an exclusive Resort Wear Design Show which featured haute couture resort collections from nearly 13 designers. Local design name Sonam Sapra opened the night with her print heavy Intimate Fiji collection, inspired from the beautiful third largest Fijian island Taveuni.

Salusalu by Robert Kennedy/FJFW

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In addition to Sapra’s nature influenced line, other names like Sarah Jane, Robert Verebasaga and Mere Shuster, Hupfield Hoarder, Lana Smith, Hanna Hering and Benjamin Schetrit and Failepou Peni also displayed their latest resortwear looks.

Famous home grown talent Robert Kennedy presented his Salusalu collection under the event’s Established Designers’ showcase. Infused with tropical vibes and 1960-esque Italian styles, the range included hooded caftans, capes and little dresses for women and stylish shirts for men.

Designer Michael Mausio’s Essence of the Pacific range featured an extremely elegant minimalistic line, comprised of tie-and-dye brown jeans and couture dresses, while fashion talent Rachel Fairfax staged a paradise like catwalk show with a muted and bold toned beach printed collection at the glamorous soiree.

The well-known clothing label Mena displayed its latest Pacific-inspired Return to Paradise line at the glitzy fashion event. Decorated with Tapa prints and flowers, the collection featured dresses with asymmetrical necklines, tunics, midis and sheaths for women as well as the traditional island printed Bula shirts for men.

Apart from the style studded runway parades, the Fijian soiree also hosted muumuu (loose Hawaiian dress), sulu jaba (Pacific girl’s or women’s clothing), and Indian women’s traditional attires salwar kameez and saree design competitions.

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The men whose hair we want

We've had a hair crush on actor Jared Leto ever since the promotional tour for last year's hit film Dallas Buyers Club took him to red carpets around the globe.

Rather than timidly tying his long locks into a low ponytail, Oscar-winning Leto has been unapologetic about his fabulous follicles and it's not hard to see why; his ombré hair - which fades from a rich chestnut to sun-kissed copper at the ends - is too glossy and desirable to conceal.

But there's a new contender for his beautiful beach-hair crown. Step forward Marco Perego, the Italian artist husband of actress Zoe Saldana. The newlyweds attended the Cannes Film festival in his'n'hers Saint Laurent tuxedos at the weekend, and while Saldana was obviously professionally groomed, she wasn't the mane attraction. Instead, Perego's sweeping, golden-blonde, Gisele Bündchen-esque hair caught our attention.

Celebrity hair stylist George Northwood is of the opinion that the laissez-faire attitude of these chaps is why their hair looks so enviable. "Most guys just wash and go, and let their hair dry naturally, so there's no mechanical damage to dry hair out," says Northwood, who tends to the tresses of Alexa Chung and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. "Of course, these are guys that have naturally good hair, and perhaps they have a colouring treatment once a year, but aside from that they're really low maintenance, which is key to keeping hair healthy."

Perego and Leto's born-with-it mops have prompting us to celebrate the best-tressed men currently in showbusiness. So, in no particular order, here they are:

Jared Leto, actor, 42

The look: Supermodel Erin Wasson before coming into contact with a comb

Why we're coveting it: What's to explain? Leto has mastered the dip-dyed look more nonchalantly than Jessica Alba and Drew Barrymore ever could. And the shine - look at that shininess!

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Marco Perego, artist, 34

The look: Gisele Bündchen off-duty in Los Angeles

Why we're coveting it: This is the hair we dreamed of having as a child (and erm, still do). Sadly for us, it's all Marco's

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Alexander Wang, fashion designer, 30

The look: Art student - but without the accompanying greasiness

Why we're coveting it: This is a style that will withstand the test of time; it's become Wang's signature

Daniel Tighe, model

The look: Sienna Miller with moddy, black hair

Why we're coveting it: Tighe's tresses are so versatile - sleek and poker-straight in one campaign, slightly frizzy and undone for the catwalk. We could totally work with that

Miles McMillan, model, 23

The look: New York hipster - without the skateboard

Why we're coveting it: No-one wears a side parting better than McMillan