Independence Day Style: 4th of July Outfit Ideas and Tips

When you want the best 4th of July look, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the stars and stripes can fix any style mistakes. Whether you’re going for a more elegant look or a barbecue or beach outfit, check out a few tips that can help guide you in the right direction.

With the help of these 4th of July outfit ideas and tips, you’ll be able to pull off a glamorous and patriotic look, that’s perfect for any Independence Day party, whether it’s outdoors or indoors... until the fireworks.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Red, White and Blue

One of the biggest fashion mistakes you can make when getting ready for a 4th of July party is sticking to a restrictive color palette. Yes, red, white and blue are a great fit for Independence Day, but limiting yourself to just these three colors plus neutrals is something that many women will do. Stand out and be daring with your color choice, while also including these colors in your look.

Don’t Overdo the Flag Motif

While a simple and effective choice would be to get an American flag top or bottom, that’s not really a fashion-forward look. Stick to a single flag or reinterpret the stars and stripes according to your own style. White polkadots on a blue background can symbolize the stars, while the touch of red could simply come from a bold lip color.

Independence Day Fashion

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Lose the Heels

Unless you’re going to a really fancy Independence Day party, say no to heels. One of the most important 4th of July outfit ideas and tips is to make sure you’re dressing the right way for how you’ll be celebrating. Flats are a good choice for going to the beach or an outdoors party, but if you need a little height, go for cool summer platforms, not heels.

Don’t Forget the Sunglasses

The right pair of shades can completely transform your summer look for Independence Day. Go for a classic shape like aviators or for the trendy look of the season, exaggerated wayfarer sunglasses. You can even use your sunglasses as the key accessory, if you get the right pair, with an American flag motif.

Keep Accessories Simple

Don’t be tempted to over-accessorize. One of the best 4th of July outfit ideas and tips is to keep accessories to a minimum if you’re not opting for a strong look. You can go dramatic for a big event, but if you’re spending the day at a garden party or outdoors, don’t overwhelm your outfit with too many accessories. Simple and sweet works well for Independence Day.

4th Of July Outfits

Go for the Varsity Vibe

If you’re looking for a classic American look, a Varsity inspired look might be the perfect fit for the 4th of July. Stick to varsity jackets or tops, paired with a cute skirt or bottom and complete your outfit with white plimsolls. A ponytail could also work great with your look, but don’t go too far into cheerleader territory with your appearance.

Try a Patriotic Accessory

If you’ve already decided what you’re wearing and there’s no red, white or blue in your look, spruce it up with a cute patriotic accessory. Don’t limit yourself when it comes to the right accessories that go with 4th of July outfit ideas and tips. A flag pin is a classic choice, but a cute wide-brimmed hat or a flag clutch can be just as effective for your Independence Day outfit.

Pair Your Look with a Golden Glow

Whatever you decide to wear for your 4th of July party, get a golden glow that will make white outfits pop even more. If you’re looking to avoid self-tanners, simply get the right glow with a powder or liquid bronzer.

4th Of July Fashion

Stick to Fabrics that Work for Summer

If you’re planning to spend the day outdoors in hot weather, one of the best 4th of July outfit ideas and tips is to choose your fabrics wisely. From cotton and silk to other cotton weaves like chambray or seersucker, make sure that your outfit is breathable. Denim short shorts might be a classic, but they’re not always the right choice.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Once you’ve used our 4th of July outfit ideas and tips to get the perfect look, don’t forget the most important element of the preparation process. If the party starts in the afternoon, don’t leave your sunscreen behind.

Taylor Swift Calls Lena Dunham Her Style Icon

I need you to close your eyes and picture Taylor Swift running out for a cup of coffee. What is she wearing? A flowy floral dress that she might have stolen from the Mad Men wardrobe department? A pair of tailored (lol, taylor) black pixie pants, a vintage top with a high neckline, red lipstick? Cool. Now I need you to do the same thing with Lena Dunham. How would she dress on a trip to CVS to stock up on Advil and discounted Easter candy? I’m guessing you’re seeing some kind of romper you might’ve worn in your second grade yearbook picture, or maybe something neon and mesh that you can see her nipples through, or maybe a really hot muumuu. I think it’s safe to say that Taylor and Lena– while both talented and fun and good at pissing people off– are nothing alike in the style department. That’s why this new Taylor quote is… weird.

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience

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During an interview about her fashion sense (that she gave while promoting Keds, since she’s their spokesgirl), Swizzle had this interesting response to being asked where she gets her style inspiration:

Lena Dunham has great websites and shops at great stores. She always tells me her newest obsession, whether it’s a new website, a blog or a store. She’s really good with that stuff.

Huh. The only connection I can draw between their personal styles is that Taylor has a lot of Wildfox sweaters and Lena also loves overpriced cotton basics with weird graphics on them. And neither of them believes in rationing the sequins or glitter. And I guess they both hang out with Rachel Antonoff? Other than that, I’m at a loss.

At least this surprising quote has given me the gift of imagining TS and LD switching wardrobes for a week! Imagine Lena Dunham in a high-waisted vintage bathing suit and Taylor Swift in a pair of Hannah Horvath‘s snagged tights. Too good.

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