Why your fitness is vital during pregnancy

Many pregnant women are told “pregnancy isn’t an illness”, and in some respects are expected to carry on as normal. It’s often only in the final months that things get a little tiring: sore legs, sore back and sore neck to name just a few. Because of this, it becomes obvious that fitness during pregnancy is just as important as when you are not carrying a baby – it was just a shame many women, myself included, only find this out later on in their first pregnancy.

With my second pregnancy I made a determined effort to take part in a lot more activities and kept quite fit, and as a result I did suffer less with my legs and pelvis and also felt a lot more healthy and invigorated. I realised that being pregnant should not deter a woman from staying fit, and there are some fantastic products available that can really help when carrying a baby. Many online stores like Newitts offer a huge range to get you started – for example, a large gymnastic ball can help to keep your abs, bottom and legs exercised, which can also help with your posture as that can be a significant reason for a bad back.

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There are hundreds of pregnancy workouts on offer. Many of them are on Pinterest so you can search through and find one that is perfectly suited to you. There are many exercises that can be really beneficial when you are pregnant, including pilates, pregnancy yoga, abdominal exercises, squats and easy wall push-up exercises.

The pregnancy and parenting website What to Expect published their top ten benefits to exercising whilst pregnant, and it’s a really interesting read. Exercise helps you sleep better, which a lot of women find hard when pregnant, especially in the last trimester. And any extra sleep is always extremely welcome – new mums won’t be getting much for the first few months of having a little one in the house!

Enjoying exercise will also help to fight tiredness, much the same as when you are not pregnant; the idea is that sometimes getting more rest can make you feel more lethargic, while being active helps to release feel-good endorphines, which give you a buzz. On top of all this, the natural high means you are less likely to feel anxious and worry about labour and pregnancy altogether. A calm mum will mean a calm baby, and that’s something worth achieving.

Another great reason for keeping fit whilst you are pregnant is that you will recover from childbirth quicker, meaning you’ll soon be back in those skinny jeans that you have missed for nearly a year. It is the same with anything in life, if you are fitter and healthier you will recover from illnesses and traumas quicker.

Most of all, the more you exercise to keep fit, the more you’ll enjoy it. Go for it!