BMW IBFW sees Tarun Tahiliani's magical 'Modern Mughals'

The sixth edition of BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2014 in association with AZVA at DLF Emporio, New Delhi on day 1 saw a magical collection from the czar of haute couture, Tarun Tahiliani in celebration of the global indian.

The arena was packed and viewers were welcomed by a spectacular sight of a fully lit up Rashtrapati Bhavan, through a projector. Tarun Tahiliani’s unconventional and edgy approach of showcasing bridal wear in the color black stunned many! Apart from black & gold the collection formed a pastoral romance of pinks, beiges, burnt orange and noir.

Extensive layering, long trains and ruffles were seen. With the use of modern fabric like sheer silks, reshams and tullé; the ensemble became lighter, giving ease of movement. From textured salwars, dhoti pants, Patiala salwars and non-conformist pair of trousers to gilded amour choli, vest coats and anarkali kurtas. Every ensemble looked distinctive. The traditional mangtika was modified into a Mohawk that added a dash of power to the whole look.

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TT showcased many new and extraordinary embroideries and techniques. The gorgeous planter’s chair cannage weave jacket certainly got our attention. The sari with ostrich feathers looked spectacular.

The concept sari has always been a strong point for the couturier. The hybrid dhoti-sari and numerous other draping techniques made viewers take note of the detailing. Tarun’s bride was dressed in an orange lehenga choli with intricate and intense gold work.

For men, the couture collection used a plentiful of gold, unconventional pistachio, deep oranges for the kurta and sherwani. And even wilder punk palette for luxurious linings. The 'Modern Mughals' collection was truly Indian in origin but global in sensibility.

With top Indian designers showcasing their collections at the BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2014, the event and the fabulous setting of DLF Emporio – India’s first and finest luxury destination – makes it one of the greatest shows in the country.

The name BMW has always spelt aesthetics, design and quality of a very high standard, which will perfectly synchronize with the joy, beauty and grandeur of Indian weddings and bridal wear. Indian bridal fashion is haute couture of the ultimate kind that reveals precision and perfect craftsmanship, which resonates perfectly with the BMW brand values.

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How to get fit at your desk

Winter weather getting you down? If your motivation is waning and every working day feels like a fortnight, fear not. Here are some sure-fire ways to put some pep back into your step. All it takes is five or 10 minutes of your time; a digital device and a handy little app or two.

Fiona Patterson is an Australian yoga, tai-chi and qigong instructor with a passion for giving deskbound office workers and business people a boost.

She's recently launched Salute the Desk, an app of mini yoga classes that people can do without leaving their office or corporate cubicle.

She also recognises that a mental pick-me-up might be just as necessary as a physical one and that when you're sitting all day you really need to have a good seated posture.

"I've really tried to pack a lot into Salute the Desk," she says. "There's a seated posture workshop to help you build a solid, but relaxed, foundation; then all the yoga sequences and two guided relaxations."

Users can customise more than two hours of audio as well as accessing video and written instructions. They can also rig up alerts to remind them to stretch; save their favourite postures to work on tight areas; and track their progress.

Work yoga

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Patterson says she struggled to find an app that covered what she thought was important for people in desk-bound jobs so she decided to make one.

"Research shows that there are even productivity benefits to practising mindfulness and taking stretching breaks but a really simple test of the difference it makes is the way you feel at the end of the day," she says.

"Many people think that it is tiring holding good posture all day but, in fact, the opposite is true. If you build up a good, natural posture through awareness you actually feel a lot less tired at the end of the day."

In May her app got a big tick of approval from About in its review of eight desk yoga apps. It concluded Salute the Desk "stands head and shoulders above the competition." Among the things that made it a winner: "Clean, modern and intuitive" graphics and seamless "narration and video illustration".

The app is now being downloaded by people all over the world.

Wellness on Time is another Australian business targeting sedentary office-workers and business people. It's just about to launch a program that will allow people to stream a variety of classes on their computer, iPad, smartphone or via HDTV.

The choice of classes, run by professional instructors from around Australia, that will be available to subscribers will include dance, yoga, tai-chi, meditation as well as an office chair workout.

Natalie Pickett, founder and chief executive of Wellness on Time, says the classes have been created to provide subscribers with a choice of short segments ranging from three, five or 10 minutes up to an hour-long class. "The idea is that you can integrate short workouts throughout the day."

If you're worried about slacking off the program comes with a scheduling system that lets you plan your workouts for the day, week or month and you'll get reminders to act on your good intentions.

Pickett says the program will be available as a corporate offer for employers to provide for their staff or for purchase by individuals.

If desk yoga or putting on your dancing shoes in your home office doesn't float your boat, here are a few other apps designed to give you a quick pick-me-up.

Seven-minute workout

Jumping jacks, wall-sits, push-ups, tricep dips - there's 12 exercises all up, each one using your own bodyweight. You do each exercise for 30 seconds and rest for 10 seconds between exercises. Simple. Seven minutes later voila! You're on your way to a new you.

Five-minute pilates

Build your core strength and flexibility by choosing from this smorgasbord of more than 100 short pilates sessions. With its integrated music function you choose the soundtrack for your workout from your own music library. There are 18 different exercises on this five-minute fast-track to a leaner, stronger and fitter version of you.

Five-minute home workouts

Home-office workers who want to zero in on particular problem areas: this app has your name on it. Split into six categories it offers straightforward ways to tone up your abs; chest and arms; or backside and legs.

There's a category designed to promote fat loss and two more specifically aimed at yoga and Pilates devotees. All have detailed instructions and 3-D animations so what are you waiting for?

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Headscarf : African woman’s crown of beauty

The wearing of scarfs by women is an old tradition in the African and other cultural settings. African’s indeed take pride in their scarfs and headgears, and for them they are indeed a crown of beauty.

In Ghana,'duku' is the Akan name given to headscarf. It is mostly tied around the head with a knot at the back, front or the side.

Whichever way it is tied, it has a name and meaning. Mostly during funerals and church service, the headgear is tied at the front or back.

Before the 19th century

Since the late nineteenth century and even today, the wearing of scarfs has been a fashion among elderly women mostly above the age of 50.

Previously, younger women only wore scarfs based on their religious orientation, but today, the wearing of headscarf has become a fashion among both the young and the old.

As fashion, Ghanaians use the ‘Wodasobo’, literally translated as ‘you are still wearing it’. The headscarf can be tied to send messages to a rival or someone you are quarrelling with when tied to the side. One of such messages, by the Akans, is “Yennfii Ta”, loosely translated as ‘We won’t mind anyone’.

Ghanaians also tie the headgear with the traditional Kente or any peace of cloth.

Headscarfs for churches and funerals are mostly worn with moderate style. However, headscarfs for engagement or wedding ceremonies and other social events, such as birthdays or farewell parties, are worn in grand style.

One of the commonest headgears is the ‘gele’ which originated from Nigeria and has now drawn the attention of most Africans. It is a most important part of the traditional outfit among many Nigerians, Ghanaians and other people.

Moment of creativity

The process of wrapping or tying the ‘gele’ is a moment of creativity and lots of work for the arms. Therefore, some people trade in already tied ‘gele’ which is sold on the market, to earn income.

It has formal and informal versions and varies from simple draped clothing to fully tailored ensembles.

The way a ‘gele’ is tied indicates a woman’s marital status.

A ‘gele’ with the end leaning to the right indicates a woman is married and the one with the end leaning to the left indicates a woman is single.The length of the ‘gele’ can range from eight inches? wide and 54 inches long.

Some women also tie their ‘gele’ in advance and it is placed on the head like a crown and held in place with some hairpins.

For some women, the perfect way of announcing their presence during occasions is with the long, stiff and crispy-styled Switzerland, Damask or Asooke fabrics, used for the ‘gele’.

The ‘gele’ is described according to how it is tied. Some of them are known as Satellite dish, calabash, pot or a frying pan, a basin or a bucket of water, a food basket or a mortar and mushroom.

Herero headgear

In Namibia, the Ova Herero tribe also has a spectacular headgear known as the Herero headgear. The headgear has the shape of a cow horn symbolising the livelihood of the Ova Herero people who are herdsmen.

The scarf is worn with traditional costume known as the Victorian style, which is a long-flowing dress.

The Hereros take pride in their cattle business because it is their main source of livelihood, hence the culture of Herero requires the women to wear scarf in the shape of cow horns.

The scarf is made of the same material from the dress, and just like the ‘gele’, it is supported on the head with pins and clips for it to stand firm on the head.

Another tribe in Namibia known as the Damara also has a similar headgear, but smaller in shape and does not require a lot of work, since it is usually wrapped before being worn.

The Damara women also have traditional clothing colours which are green, white and blue representing peace and unity among all Damara-speaking people.

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This Is The Perfect Exfoliator For The Lazy Girl Who Wants Great Skin

Say hello to the low-maintenance (and cheap) exfoliator. If you can’t be bothered with buying a slightly different grainy scrub for each body part, or polishing your entire body until your skin comes off like scales, the Australian-designed Le Edge full body exfoliating tool is a one-product-fits-all exfoliating device.

Le Edge is described as a handheld ergonomic tool that removes dry layers of skin:

“The Le Edge tool has a patented ‘higher than surgical grade’ stainless steel gentle edge that removes the top layer of dead skin revealing the younger vibrant living skin beneath.”

A stainless steel edge might sound a lot scarier than using a pumice stone or loofah, but it is actually gentle enough that it can be used on your entire body, including your face.

Le Edge Face

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In addition to dry, flaky skin, Le Edge is designed to remove oil, dirt and pollutants. It removes ingrown hairs and it naturally helps to reduce the size of your pores, while restoring your skin’s texture. Sweet.

And the best part is that you don’t need to buy any special scrubs. So you can save some money, and help save the planet too. Le Edge is to be used on wet skin, ideally while you’re in the shower. You just run the device along your skin and it removes all the dry, scaly bits. Think of it like shaving, but without the need for shaving cream, and with an “edge”, as opposed to a traditional blade.

The Le Edge has many uses, but the best one would be using it before applying fake tan, for a streak-free finish. How many of us can really be bothered to thoroughly scrub every pore before we apply self tan? That would be no one. The Le Edge is also recommended for using a few days before waxing, to loosen ingrown hairs. Simiarly, it makes a good pre-shave treatment for guys.

And I did mention it was cheap. You can buy the Le Edge on Amazon for only $8.59, which is the equivalent of one foot scrub. While the Le Edge might sound like a weird beauty invention, it is the easiest and most mess-free exfoliator I have come across, and at less than $10, it may even convince the laziest of girls to exfoliate–at least once in a blue moon.

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Ways to Embrace Your Natural Glow

Face it: summer is almost halfway over. If you haven’t quite achieved that summer tan you’ve been looking for, now is not the time to give in to tanning beds or — almost just as bad — self-tanning products. You may think you’re doing your skin a favor by faking a bake with bronzing lotions and creams, but the sad truth is, you’re not. While it may not cause cancer the same way UV rays would, self-tanning products can really dry out your skin, leaving you with a “tan” that not only looks artificial, but makes you look wrinkly and dry, too.

Besides, aren’t we over looking super, super tan, anyways? The Emma Stones and Kristen Stewarts of the world are proving that having a paler complexion beats the hell out of an orange mystic tan. In my eyes, the most important thing when it comes to our skin is to achieve that all natural glow, not some crispy, rust-colored facade that either fades over time or worse, stains our clothes and furniture.

So, what’s the solution? How does one exchange bad, fake tans for a natural glow? Here are five simple ways to be positively radiant all year round.


Getting rid of of that layer of dry, dead skin will help expose your younger looking complexion underneath. This is especially important as you grow older. In your twenties, your skin sheds naturally every month or so, but as you grow older, your skin doesn’t shed cells as quickly as it used to. Use a gentle exfoliating product or a natural alternative (brown sugar, lemon, honey) to help your skin glow and look as young as possible.


Keeping your skin hydrated is one of the essential ways to get your skin glowing. Whether you use a store-bought moisturizer or at-home product like olive oil, make sure you’re slathering it all over your skin daily. Don’t forget your hands, neck and feet!


Hot showers may feel good and open your pores, but it can strip your skin of its moisture and wash away its natural oils. Avoid this by taking quick, cool showers isntead. Not only will it help reduce swelling in your skin, but it’ll result in a nice, healthy glow.


There’s no question that vitamins are crucial for fighting aging skin. There’s no end to what they can do: Vitamin C helps brighten your complexion and reduces the amount of sun spots; Vitamin A helps reduce wrinkles, remove dark spots and smooth out rough skin; Vitamin B3 can help reduce redness;last, but not least, vitamin E can help your skin say soft and smooth. You can take your vitamins in pill form or opt for skin products reinforced with these nutrients — take your pick. Plus, eating healthy fruits and veggies help, too.


If the air conditioner is leaving your skin dry and itchy at night, run a humidifier at night to keep the air moist.


It’s a glowing celebrity’s favorite answer to the age-old “how do you get such flawless skin?” question: Water, water, water. Drinking eight glasses of water a day and eating nutrient-rich fruit and vegetables will flush out toxins in your body and help you get that highly sought-after glow.


If you’re not feeling “glowy” enough, that’s totally fine. That’s what bronzers are for. The most important thing to remember is to find one that looks most natural. Look for a bronzer that matches your skin tone the best. It’s also a good idea to avoid bronzers with shimmer or shine — matte bronzers will give you the realest-looking glow.

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Things to do in Miami during Mercedes-Benz fashion week swim

Celebrating its 10th year, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim events take place in Miami Beach from July 17-21. Over five days #MBFWSWIM showcases the collections of 50 swimwear designers across multiple venues on South Beach.

While the official catwalks are open only to industry and press, there are plenty of “unofficial” fashion parties and runway shows open to the public. So the fashion loving traveler will find it worthwhile to visit Miami Beach during this week.

The centerpiece locale is the ever-hip Raleigh Hotel, official host hotel and location for most of the fashion shows. For travelers wanting to be near the action of Fashion Week but not consumed by it, two great fashionable hotels within a few blocks are The Riviera Hotel and The Gale Hotel.

A renovated hotel opened in 2013, The Riviera Hotel strays from the modernistic interior design that dominates South Beach. Instead its room interiors are darker with classic finishes such as brown leather ottomans and animal hide rugs. A few blocks off the ocean, it’s also on the periphery of South Beach activity. However, it is nearby the W South Beach Hotel, which will host swimwear shows at its Salon Allure.

Closer to the center of South Beach, The Gale’s “Mad Men” era décor offers a low-lit lobby, dark wood hallway walls, and black and white photographs of Frank Sinatra and Mickey Mantle. It has a great bar with large, comfortable leather seats, plus a tasty Italian restaurant, Dolce Italia. Be sure to photograph the black Model T Ford quirkily stationed outside.

The restaurants and bars will be extra busy with thousands of visiting fashion professionals which attend other non-Mercedes Benz shows such as the Swim Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Take in some down home cooking at Yardbird Southern Table and Bar just off Lincoln Road.

Traverse to Yardbird’s culinary opposite, the quiet, sleek, seafood oriented Local House in the Sense South Beach Hotel. If you find yourself starving after watching skinny models at The Raleigh, walk across the street to taste Korean fusion at the Catalina Hotel’s Fung Ku.

Between the eating and the playing, you can attend “open to the public” events during the week. Probably the most popular of these is the Funkshion fashion show at the super fabulous SLS Hotel.

Or, be a fashionable philanthropist at the Fashion Saves event in SOHO Beach House. Don’t drown in fashion at Splashion in the Filmore Theatre, hosted by local media stalwart MIAMI Magazine. Mingle with Miami's fashionable at Miami Fashion Network's fashion lovers event at The Betsy Hotel South Beach.

A passion-for-fashion crowd will dominate the Miami scene this week, so visitors should familiarize themselves with a few names and motifs of indie swimwear designers.

Check out Wildfox Couture which perfectly integrates sensuality with hippie culture, creating a relaxed yet very sexy look. Brazilian born Sinesia Karol mixes American cuts with the colorful prints and chic allure we expect of Brazil. Colombian designer Paula Saavedra brings bold, sexy swimwear that tastefully mixes bright colors in her brand Caffe Swimwear.

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Olivia Munn: Hypnotherapy helped me exercise

Olivia Munn was once hypnotised into exercising.

The 'Magic Mike' actress claims she only started working out a year ago when she went to a hypnotherapist who told her to hit the gym every morning at 6am - and she has been doing it ever since.

She explained in an interview with cosmetics guru Bobbi Brown for Yahoo! Beauty: ''I used to never exercise because I just hated the idea of all of it. But I saw this hypnotist (I have an OCD called Trichotillomania) and in one session he threw something in about working out and by the next week I was up every morning at 6am.

''I've been working out consistently ever since, and it's been almost a year now.''

Olivia, 34, also revealed she invented her own diet which involved only eating meals where she could see every single ingredient.

Olivia Munn: Hypnotherapy helped me exercise

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She said: ''In 2009, I lost 16 pounds in two months because I came up with my own diet which was if I can't see it I can't eat it. If I go to a restaurant and say I'll have the soup, I can't see every single ingredient they put in - how much salt? How much sugar?

''I can't see it unless I make it myself at home, so that takes away breads and other hidden ingredients.''

While the brunette bombshell admits she sometimes feels insecure about her Chinese heritage, she thinks it's important to change the all-American standard of beauty.

She explained: ''When I was younger, what I saw as the face of beauty was very standard all-American white blonde hair blue eyes.

''So any time I feel uncomfortable, or I wish something was different, I just have to wash it away because I have to be a role model for my niece, and if I have daughters be role models for them and be comfortable with myself.''

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3 Mistakes women make when buying heels

How long have you been wearing the same shoe size? It’s been years hasn’t it? But it’s important that we realise that our feet are constantly changing due to our ‘Life in Motion’ such as, ageing, weight gain/loss, pregnancy etc.

Not all shoe shops have a shoe fitting service so here are the top 3 mistakes we see ladies making when buying that perfect pair:

Mistake Number 1 – Buying shoes that do not fit now!

Always buy shoes that fit you NOW. People constantly try on shoes (especially when the heels are in the sales), think to themselves "they feel a little tight", and then convince themselves, “Well, they’ll stretch…” 9 out of 10 times, they won’t, or at least not enough to make them really comfortable. Buy heels with a little more give, but overall, don’t buy a pair of heels with the hope that they’ll fit in the future. Also, the majority of us have one foot bigger than the other, so when buying shoes fit the shoe to your larger foot.

Don't make these mistakes when buying heels

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Mistake Number 2 – Buying Heels In The Morning.

Shop for heels towards the end of the day where possible. Our feet swell towards the end of the day and this will give you a truer fitting of the shoe by the end of the day. As well as being uncomfortable, no-one wants a foot muffin top on a sexy pair of heels.

Mistake Number 3 – Wearing Heels For Way Too Long.

Wearing heels for a prolonged amount of time is not good for your feet, neither on a short nor long term basis. But let's face it, every lady loves a good pair of heels to complete that perfect OOTD (outfit for the day). If you wear heels to work or on a night out, try to bring a comfortable pair of shoes along with you so you’re not having to wear them for a prolonged period of time. Once you've finished at work or your event is over, swap those heels for a comfy pair of shoes.

Top tips to survive a day in heels

Stretch your leg muscles

Stretching your leg muscles before and after putting heels on can lower the negative effects of wearing heels

Build up your arches

Strengthening your arches will also help prevent foot problems. Use a small rubber ball and practice picking it up with your toes to keep your foot arches strong.

Visit a podiatrist

If you have a foot problem, go and see a podiatrist as soon as possible. Don’t wait too long: many of our patients come to us too late. Waiting too long increases the risk of a condition worsening and it can develop into a serious health or mobility problem.

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Independence Day Style: 4th of July Outfit Ideas and Tips

When you want the best 4th of July look, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the stars and stripes can fix any style mistakes. Whether you’re going for a more elegant look or a barbecue or beach outfit, check out a few tips that can help guide you in the right direction.

With the help of these 4th of July outfit ideas and tips, you’ll be able to pull off a glamorous and patriotic look, that’s perfect for any Independence Day party, whether it’s outdoors or indoors... until the fireworks.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Red, White and Blue

One of the biggest fashion mistakes you can make when getting ready for a 4th of July party is sticking to a restrictive color palette. Yes, red, white and blue are a great fit for Independence Day, but limiting yourself to just these three colors plus neutrals is something that many women will do. Stand out and be daring with your color choice, while also including these colors in your look.

Don’t Overdo the Flag Motif

While a simple and effective choice would be to get an American flag top or bottom, that’s not really a fashion-forward look. Stick to a single flag or reinterpret the stars and stripes according to your own style. White polkadots on a blue background can symbolize the stars, while the touch of red could simply come from a bold lip color.

Independence Day Fashion

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Lose the Heels

Unless you’re going to a really fancy Independence Day party, say no to heels. One of the most important 4th of July outfit ideas and tips is to make sure you’re dressing the right way for how you’ll be celebrating. Flats are a good choice for going to the beach or an outdoors party, but if you need a little height, go for cool summer platforms, not heels.

Don’t Forget the Sunglasses

The right pair of shades can completely transform your summer look for Independence Day. Go for a classic shape like aviators or for the trendy look of the season, exaggerated wayfarer sunglasses. You can even use your sunglasses as the key accessory, if you get the right pair, with an American flag motif.

Keep Accessories Simple

Don’t be tempted to over-accessorize. One of the best 4th of July outfit ideas and tips is to keep accessories to a minimum if you’re not opting for a strong look. You can go dramatic for a big event, but if you’re spending the day at a garden party or outdoors, don’t overwhelm your outfit with too many accessories. Simple and sweet works well for Independence Day.

4th Of July Outfits

Go for the Varsity Vibe

If you’re looking for a classic American look, a Varsity inspired look might be the perfect fit for the 4th of July. Stick to varsity jackets or tops, paired with a cute skirt or bottom and complete your outfit with white plimsolls. A ponytail could also work great with your look, but don’t go too far into cheerleader territory with your appearance.

Try a Patriotic Accessory

If you’ve already decided what you’re wearing and there’s no red, white or blue in your look, spruce it up with a cute patriotic accessory. Don’t limit yourself when it comes to the right accessories that go with 4th of July outfit ideas and tips. A flag pin is a classic choice, but a cute wide-brimmed hat or a flag clutch can be just as effective for your Independence Day outfit.

Pair Your Look with a Golden Glow

Whatever you decide to wear for your 4th of July party, get a golden glow that will make white outfits pop even more. If you’re looking to avoid self-tanners, simply get the right glow with a powder or liquid bronzer.

4th Of July Fashion

Stick to Fabrics that Work for Summer

If you’re planning to spend the day outdoors in hot weather, one of the best 4th of July outfit ideas and tips is to choose your fabrics wisely. From cotton and silk to other cotton weaves like chambray or seersucker, make sure that your outfit is breathable. Denim short shorts might be a classic, but they’re not always the right choice.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Once you’ve used our 4th of July outfit ideas and tips to get the perfect look, don’t forget the most important element of the preparation process. If the party starts in the afternoon, don’t leave your sunscreen behind.

Why your fitness is vital during pregnancy

Many pregnant women are told “pregnancy isn’t an illness”, and in some respects are expected to carry on as normal. It’s often only in the final months that things get a little tiring: sore legs, sore back and sore neck to name just a few. Because of this, it becomes obvious that fitness during pregnancy is just as important as when you are not carrying a baby – it was just a shame many women, myself included, only find this out later on in their first pregnancy.

With my second pregnancy I made a determined effort to take part in a lot more activities and kept quite fit, and as a result I did suffer less with my legs and pelvis and also felt a lot more healthy and invigorated. I realised that being pregnant should not deter a woman from staying fit, and there are some fantastic products available that can really help when carrying a baby. Many online stores like Newitts offer a huge range to get you started – for example, a large gymnastic ball can help to keep your abs, bottom and legs exercised, which can also help with your posture as that can be a significant reason for a bad back.

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There are hundreds of pregnancy workouts on offer. Many of them are on Pinterest so you can search through and find one that is perfectly suited to you. There are many exercises that can be really beneficial when you are pregnant, including pilates, pregnancy yoga, abdominal exercises, squats and easy wall push-up exercises.

The pregnancy and parenting website What to Expect published their top ten benefits to exercising whilst pregnant, and it’s a really interesting read. Exercise helps you sleep better, which a lot of women find hard when pregnant, especially in the last trimester. And any extra sleep is always extremely welcome – new mums won’t be getting much for the first few months of having a little one in the house!

Enjoying exercise will also help to fight tiredness, much the same as when you are not pregnant; the idea is that sometimes getting more rest can make you feel more lethargic, while being active helps to release feel-good endorphines, which give you a buzz. On top of all this, the natural high means you are less likely to feel anxious and worry about labour and pregnancy altogether. A calm mum will mean a calm baby, and that’s something worth achieving.

Another great reason for keeping fit whilst you are pregnant is that you will recover from childbirth quicker, meaning you’ll soon be back in those skinny jeans that you have missed for nearly a year. It is the same with anything in life, if you are fitter and healthier you will recover from illnesses and traumas quicker.

Most of all, the more you exercise to keep fit, the more you’ll enjoy it. Go for it!